Ship Ahoy!

OKAM Studio ‘s first VR Multiplayer SHIP AHOY’s OPEN BETA is now available on STEAM ! Batten down the hatches, because the main objective of the game is to steer your vessel across the sea to position yourself in a tactically sound position in order to aim and fire your cannon for maximum effect while avoiding incoming volleys.[…]

Black Velvet Bandit

BVB is an action and puzzle platformer. In it, the player controls the Black Velvet Bandit, a magical thief that must infiltrate the strongholds of rogue mages to recover their books of spells. The players will use BVB’s main ability, that of possessing other magical creatures to solve puzzles, avoid and defeat other enemies in[…]

Último Carnaval

A F2P card game in which you battle through a match-3 system. Based on Latin American myths and folklore, filled with colourful backgrounds and characters and tons of humour.   Housed in an attractive epic world as ever seen, LAST CARNIVAL is an RPG trading card for the current generation of smartphones, created in collaboration[…]


Based on the animated movie by the academy award winning director, Juan José Campanella, this mobile game is the companion piece that lets you keep on playing even when the movie is over.