OKAM Studio is an award-winning development studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Specialized in high-quality video games for PC, console and mobile, their portfolio includes international hit titles such as “Foosball: Goal Crusaders” and “Ultimo Carnaval”. While the latter marks the first co-production between a Latin studio and Japanese powerhouse Square Enix, the first is an interactive tie-in to Academy Award-winning director Juan José Campanella’s animated feature “Underdogs”. OKAM Studio has worked on numerous high-profile projects with companies such as Deep Silver FISHLABS, Endemol, Koch Media, Dark Horse Comics, Disney and Cartoon Network.

Supported platforms:

  • PC, Mac, Linux.
  • iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Android.
  • PlayStation 4, PSVita.
  • XBOX.

Our team is licensed as a developer with:

  • Unity Engine.
  • Unreal Engine 4.