Ovar.io is a game of sperm that’s really about the eggs, called Ovarios. The aim of the game is to win as many Ovarios as possible before you die, battling other players and racing them to be the first to fertilise the Ovarios by reaching their center before everyone else.

You can choose from a range of sperm characters from the Cluster, a group of flocking little spermatozoon; the Tank, a slow-moving heavy attacker; the Soldier, a balance between strength and speed; the Scout, a far-sighted, fast but weak sperm or the Ghost, a spooky guy with the power to dematerialise.

Combat is a melée in which heads damage tails and when you run out of life it’s game over. This doesn’t last for long though, as in true .io style, a press of the Retry button and you’re back in the room/womb.

The challenge in Ovar.io is to survive as long as possible by eating different foods for life, to get strong and fast, ready for the race to reach the center of the next Ovario. Once you’ve made them yours, an Ovario will become a turret emitting bullets deadly to alien sperms.

Publisher: Miniclip.

Genre/Description: online, multiplayer, PvP.

Platforms: Web.

Release Date: April 2017.