Ship Ahoy!

“SHIP AHOY!” is OKAM Studio’s NEW VR game on STEAM!!

Batten down the hatches, because the main objective of the game is to steer your vessel across the sea to position yourself in a tactically sound position in order to aim and fire your cannon for maximum effect while avoiding incoming volleys.

The #VR #Multiplayer by OKAM Studio​ was developed with Unreal Engine​.



  • VR Multiplayer: Compete with your friends in a wacky death match to prove who’s the bravest pirate of the seven seas.   
  • Hours of gameplay across the sea including a never-ending Survival mode .
  • 3 Mini Games to improve your skills:
    • Batten down the Towers
    • Find the targets
    • Plunder
  • Muppets like animals disguised as other animals shooting animals with their animal cannons
  • Tailored for HTC VIVE and Oculus controllers. Coming to PSVR soon!