The Wizard King is dying and the Wizarding World will need a new ruler! Step on the shoes of your favourite contender and follow him through the challenges for becoming the best wizard alive and heir of the Wizarding Throne.

Spellart is a wizard fighting game where the contenders will attack and defend with spells that they will have to summon through specific drawings. The combination of a quick wand and an agile mind will be the victorious!


The Player will be able to attack and defend by drawing the specific symbols that will invoke the specific spells. Every spell will have a cost of mana, which will be finite, but with a regeneration rate that will allow to keep the battle going until one of the two is victorious.

Attacks that reach the wizard will do damage, decreasing the victim’s hit points. Hit points will also be finite, and won’t have any regeneration rate. When the hit points are at zero, the wizard loses