Black Velvet Bandit

BVB is an action and puzzle platformer. In it, the player controls the Black Velvet Bandit, a magical thief that must infiltrate the strongholds of rogue mages to recover their books of spells.

The players will use BVB’s main ability, that of possessing other magical creatures to solve puzzles, avoid and defeat other enemies in the fantastical and colossal hideouts the mad mages have built to hide their books of spells, their most coveted treasure.

In the world of BvB, Wizards are powerful and demented beings, with over-bloated citadels that reflect their own insanity. But this citadels guard a secret: the grimoire from which the wizard takes its power. Wizards, thus, protect their grimoires with traps and guards of their own creation.


Genre/Description:  Action and Puzzle Platformer Game

Platforms: PC/ XBox One/PlayStation 4

Release Date: November 2017


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